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QWheres my refund ?? tax topic 203 - please help ?

I checked the IRS website about my refund and gave me a ship date of 3/18 and gave me information on the subject of taxes 203 which refers to owe money for child support , etc. I 'm making the assumption that my retrun was confiscated for some reason. I can not think of any reason why I would have a lien on my tax retrun . I do not owe any child support - I have no children . My student loans are in good condition . I put direct deposit information on my return and the date of the website gave me not a Friday, so I'm assuming my return all was confiscated . I do not have thousands of dollars to anyone. Who has the right to make a tax return ? no debtor ? trying to get ideas to the call on Monday .
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Wheres my refund ?? tax topic 203 - please help ?

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