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QNeed a personal loan 8k bad credit good income?

I am looking for a personal loan for 8k ... My credit is bad .. I am taking steps to solve this problem. Does anyone know of a private lender ? Please do not leave the country by private lenders that I'm not paying anything up front that burned and
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#1Vows. Answered at 2012-08-07 00:33:02
People with bad credit find it difficult to get personal loans. However, there are many financial companies and banks that lend to bad credit applicants . Bad credit personal loans usually looking for <- ! For people who want to consolidate their banks prefer lending loans.Some an incremental order . First time customers are given loans ranging from $ 200 to $ 500, depending on their net income. You can get more information about personal loans here ,

These customers can later apply for loans up to $ 1,500. Loans of greater amounts can be recovered through secured personal loans. These loans are passed by taking your property or home as collateral -> The interest rates of secured loans are lower than unsecured loans . However, there is always the risk of losing your house or property if the loan is not repaid .
#2danijoAnswered at 2012-08-10 19:12:40
This is an excellent site with some wonderful options 4 U. Check out
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Need a personal loan 8k bad credit good income?

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