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Can my boyfriend who supports me claim me on his taxes.? related questions

  • 1Can my boyfriend who supports me claim me on his taxes.?

    We live together in Michigan and have one son, I only worked live a month last year and was going back to school. I read that if he can claim me that he can also claim my interest on my student loans, and tuition for school. Also, what do you need to bring when you file your taxes if you are in school? I know you need the paper work from the college but about about from your lenders? Thank You for your help :)

  • 2Can my parents claim me as a dependent? Should my boyfriend or I claim the baby?

    I am a full time college student who had a baby this year . I wonder if I am a student and my parents are still able to claim me despite having a child ? I can receive federal grants for school through FAFSA together with loans and wonder if I do not pretend that my child will be taken away or not does not matter , if you do not mind then my boyfriend claim was daughter ?

  • 3Can you claim home equity loan interest from 2005 on your 2006 income tax if you did not claim on 2005 taxes?

  • 4I am going to file a claim in small claims court against my ex-boyfriend?

    I need opinions . I loaned my ex - boyfriend put $ 500 down payment for a club so he could have a party to make a little money to start a business . the part that was supposed to be on July 24, 2009 . He also had a barbecue , I paid, which was supposed to charge people for liquor and food. He did not charge people for liquor or food . Now I'm out the $ 500 I spent for your barbecue . We only had verbal agreements . Now we are no longer together and he did not want to pay money for the barbecue and he lets me know if he still has the party. I want to sue him for the $ 1000. I emailed several times saying " you owe me money just to get my money back " and " we can make payment arrangements for my money back ." He has responded with statements like : "I'll give you your **** " and " just wait I 'll give you your money , I have to start working first. " Do you think that's enough for me to win my case ? The only reason I 'm suing is because it is being a jerk about the situation. I said I could wait , but I would have to stay informed about the game and things, but it is not. He also said he left New York and when he returned to Brooklyn . Through a research , I realized that you have perfect attendance , which means it is somewhere in or near Brooklyn . Statements I have the money I spent because I used my debit card and I have the email from him saying that he will pay me when you get a job and returns to Brooklyn . In their emails never says how much he should or what . So my question is : DO YOU THINK I CAN WIN THIS TRIAL ?

  • 5My boyfriend paid for all of my bills and expenses in 2007, can he claim me as a dependant?

    We've been living together for 9 years and last year was the first that he paid for student loans, bills, food, etc. When I was younger and working, my father tried claiming me even though he didn't pay for anything, and the IRS agent said he had to pay more than 50% to be able to claim me. I was just wondering if this was true for anyone who pays more than 50%-being able to claim someone as a dependant, or if it applies only to family.

  • 6Wife claim she was sexual abuse by mother's boyfriend but still had sex with when she got older.?

    Wife say was sexual abuse from the age of 16, his mother

  • 7Can my mom claim me on her taxes?

    I lived with my grandparents since just before turning 16, I have 19 years and now live in Pennsylvania. They have supported me in every way and gave me everything I need. (Food, housing, car, car maintenance, all) I went to college when I was 18 and retired in March 2011 on medical grounds. In 2010, my mother filled the forms for Parent-Plus loan, and what you are paying now. Not much, considering almost all of my studies was covered by scholarships and grants. I am paying back in 2700 that I, and my grandparents paid 2300 when he retired. My grandparents also paid my registration fee of $ 200, and $ 750 for my books, which was not reimbursed for my school, and I lived off campus with them while I was in school. I had a part time job after he retired, and I used my home address, with my grandparents. I just received my W-2 for that and the direction of my grandmother is in those papers. I have a part time job and I used my home, being, of course. My mother has claimed the last three years, even though I do not live there, because until I was 18, she threatened to get me back to her place, if I could not claim it. (Also, my grandparents live outside the school district attended, so it would have to change schools if she did not let me use her address.) So let me reclaim my grandparents. She also made my dad pay his maintenance until he retired from the university, or made me go back and bring it across maids and make you pay more. To be clear, my mother has always supported me since I was 16. And even before he moved out of his house, I spent most of my time with my grandparents and gave him money all the time to keep my sister and I, and it was not even us ... (Ranting, sorry.) She is trying to say that because she pays the Parent PLUS loan, you are allowed to claim me. And the only way I can claim my grandparents is if she does first. I do not make much money, so my grandparents undoubtedly contribute over 50% of my support. Probably closer to 75% or more. She also says that food and housing have nothing to do with what happens on the tax roles. My boyfriend also lives with my grandparents and I. He is also 19, and his mother says he can claim, because your work to this direction. My grandparents also had to declare bankruptcy for years and still paying everything off, but his lawyer knows that I live with them, so I thought I should add that, if that helps. And I applied for Medical Assistance and was approved a few months ago with my boyfriend and my grandparents and information management. I'm also on your car insurance and I adopted my pets from the shelter where I work with my address on it. Please someone help me or point to a website that can help me, because it really is not right for her to claim me, when my grandparents have been supporting me all this time. Is there any way I can get a lawyer of some kind to help me with this?

  • 8Is it right for my mom to claim me for Taxes?

  • 9Who should claim me on the taxes to reap the most help?

    From a recent graduate just starting out I do not make enough to live on my own , I live with my mom . My parents always have claimed on their income taxes , but I'm starting to have enough that I have to pay some money , my brother suggested I say harvest the Making Work Pay credit . ( He even suggested that I could get $ 800 in it , as it was not applicable since last year) I also wonder about other deductions as EIC deduction , student loan interest , etc , but this is something I do not think my mom still can get from me if I claimed. But with her ​​being in a higher tax rate , which could go wrong . So who should take my exemption for more help ? My mom says his income is like 70K a year, but usually ends in the tax bracket of 15% at the end . Your income will probably be lower this year . Is there any way to know now? Your taxes are very complex and slow , while I was waiting for mine done . This also means that a tax may be difficult to run the numbers on it twice, even if I do wait .

  • 10Can my parents still claim me on their taxes?

    I live in New Jersey, and I'll be 24 by the end of the year. From what I've read online that it was said that once a child was 24 years could not be considered a "dependent" more . I live at home still , I am a full time student in college with all my loans in my name, I work full time. I heard my father when he called the accountant who does your taxes and asked " If my daughter is 24 by the end of the year we can continue to claim it ? " And has then said : "Do not worry , we'll get to her a year more , for you. " that sounded very bleak for me and went against everything I've read online . I can not argue with my parents against me claiming them as " dependent" because they will not have money to hire me. I offered to pay a little money each month. I pay for everything else . If I went and I claimed myself on my tax return and have told me all the money back I would be taken in the money " income " for the year. Before starting any : No, I can not leave. New Jersey is expensive to rent an apartment and I have pets that I have to take with me if I moved and most places do not take .

  • 11Can my Dad still claim me as a dependent on his taxes?

    My dad and I did not speak, for personal reasons. I know he has already filed their taxes and received a refund, and that he'd claimed as a dependent. I have not filed my taxes because I have been in the air as to whether or not it really should have claimed. I have 23 years and is a full time student (even during the summer of last year). I can pay tuition with private loans, and my dad is an endorsement of them. I live 600 miles away from my dad's house and I live in my own apartment all year (but he is my guarantor) near my university. I'm on your health and car insurance (despite not having a car) and occasionally going to get about 1/3 of my income into my bank account. I had two jobs last year and about $ 6400. The Turbo Tax says there are six criteria that a person must meet to be claimed as a dependent by their parents, and all 6 must be met to claim someone. This is what is listed: A qualifying child must meet all six of the following tests: 1. Status:. The child must be under the taxpayer or stepchild (whether by blood or adoption), foster child, brother or sister or a descendant of one of them 2. Age: The child must be: one. under age 19 at the end of the year and younger than you (or your spouse, if filing jointly), b. under age 24 at the end of the year, a full-time student for at least five months of the year and younger than you (or your spouse, if filing jointly) or c. any age if permanently and totally disabled at any time during the year. 3. Residence: The child must have the same principal residence as the taxpayer for more than half the year. Exceptions apply in certain circumstances, children of divorced or separated parents, kidnapped children, temporary absences, and for children who were born or died during the year. 4. Support:. The child must not provide more than half of his own support for the year 5. Status:. The child does not file a joint return for the year (unless the return is presented only as a claim for refund) 6. Tiebreaker rules: The child should only qualify as your qualifying child or if the child meets the requirements to be a qualifying child of more than one person, you must be the person entitled to claim the child as a qualifying child on the basis of the tie Switch rules. I'm not sure if more than half of my support, but never live at home. Should there be claimed as a dependent on me? If not, should I file my own tax return and brand anyone qualifies me to claim? If I have to claim as a dependent, I owe the IRS $ 75. If I can present as independent, I will receive a refund of $ 1,399. This is kind of a big difference, so if you can help me please, that would be great!

  • 12Help with Taxes.... How to claim myself as a Non-dependent?

    Hi all . I am a 22 year old go to school here at IUPUI in Indianapolis. I have a problem is with my tax returns and how to file the return. As I said I have 22 years , living on my own ( with a PS actually) and attend school full time. The problem is that my father claimed as a dependent on your tax return. He gives me $ 200 a month for 9 months of the year, which is $ 1800 . Even with that help working 40 hours a week and pay around $ 3000 total for the rest of my expenses (gas , electricity , internet < - a must ). But since I claimed as a dependent I am not able to include some of these "huge " expense for me , besides being unable to claim my $ 3500 in student loans last year, or even to claim the $ 800 dollars I spent out of my own pocket books. Is it possible that my father told me as a dependent, but still able to put on their taxes spent around 1800-2000 dollars a year in supporting me? My father helps me a lot and helps me in another area I'm sure that accumulate several hundred dollars per year ( health insurance / car maintenance occasionally ) If my father did not claim me as dependent on their taxes rise significantly. But if I was able to claim to myself that I would be able to receive over 2000-2500 on my tax return. My father makes about 100 thousand, less this year because he was off work for 3 months due to accidents. I spent an even more impressive 14k last year .