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I need to increase my credit score from 607 to 650, how can I do this and how long should it take? related questions

  • 1How long will it take to increase my credit score? And how does my student loan affect my credit score?

    I recently pulled my credit score and it s 630. I currently have $3500 balance on 3 credit cards out of a total $4000 credit card limits. However I will be paying these off in full next week when I get my bonus from work. (woohoo!) but I still have $25000 in student loans and a $9000 student line of credit that I make monthly payments on. I make about $70k a year and I am hoping to purchase a condo or townhouse for around $180k in the next year or so. But I'm not sure if I will get preapproved for mortgage. I am single so it is only my income. My parents will give me $$10000 for downpayment for property as a gift as they did not contribute to my university. Can someone please help me with a couple questions? -how much will it increase my credit score to pay off the credit card debt in full -how long will it take after paying that off to see the increase in my credit score -should i close my credit cards or keep them open and not use them? ive had all of them for over 5 years -what credit score do i need to get preapproved for amortgage? thanks people of yahoo;0)

  • 2How long will it take for my credit score to increase?

    This is the scenario : Say someone has 6 credits , 3 of which were paid on time,

  • 3How long will it take for my credit score to increase?

    I have 22 years and just bought a new car to put down $ 4,500 and took out a loan of 15,000 with the help of a bondsman . My credit score is now 560 because I never had any credit account (it did increase slightly after the opening of a credit account ) . I made a payment so far and I'm curious to know how long it will take for my credit increase to around 700-720 with the monthly payments on time? Im thinking maybe in a year or so to refinance the car through my credit union (only I have a savings account with them ) to get a better interest rate (currently 9% ) and remove my retainer loan. Thanks for your help ! :)

  • 4How long before i see an increase in credit score???

    I posted a couple of questions , one of which I had said I paid all my bills receivable. According to some of the answers it seems as if my credit score will not increase , but that will happen since I've paid my dues ! I do not understand because I've read several times that when people file bankruptcy your score will go up after a couple of years . I have also paid some overdue bills in the summer , and my credit score has revealed - for 50 points . But I still say that the people here that my credit score does not go up , even though my bills are paid and I have only my car loan , credit cards and student loans ( up to date never late on any of them - all over 3 years old ) . I do not understand ! When I see something positive in my credit report ? ? ? ? ? : (

  • 5How long until my credit score increase?

    3 years ago , I went through a divorce and say that I have accumulated some debts they could not pay . So I had some debts that were not paid for about three years . Anyway ..... This year I have a new job and got the last $ 15k debts paid . I also made ​​sure my credit reports from Equifax and TransUnion both were accurate and showing my debts paid . I also managed to get a credit card that I use every month and pay in full . So my question is , how long will it take to get my credit score high enough for me to get a loan on my own. My credit score

  • 6I need to increase my credit score from 607 to 650, how can I do this and how long should it take?

    I 'm buying a new home and if I can get my credit score around 650 , I'll get a better loan . I do not close until January , so I have some time . I bought a car in December 2006 and I was waiting for my payment history it will help me too, but I do not know how long it takes to appear in my report . I know I pay my credit cards will help and I'm very close to getting that way down the debt , but I need some suggestions on what I can do .

  • 7Credit score of 610, can I increase it to 675 in 6months, if not how long will it take?

    I want to buy my first house in about 6 months. Is it possible to increse my score from 610 to 675 in six months? I have only two credit cards and using only 20 % of my available credit. I have no loan. About two months ago I had a year of collection that has been paid by university parking tickets . I also had an old credit card bad debt charges and 2 ½ years ago . I had a car loan three years ago , but paid off quickly , which was paid in 1.5 years . All I have now are my two credit cards to increase my score ? Should I pay off my post also , I was told that this will do nothing on my own ! thanks

  • 8My girlfriends credit score is really bad, how long will it take to increase it, and how?

    My credit score is excellent , but my girlfriend is really bad . Your mother ruined his credit when he was 18 by using his name for a lot of things and not pay . He can not even rent a car , but she has made all payments on your new car she had to buy last year. She also has a credit card only , and renting an apartment . That's all apart of some loans to students who have not yet started . She has spent years trying to improve but is still very low . Anyone have advice ? Thank you.

  • 9How long does it take to increase credit score from pretty low to at least average?

    After recent financial stress and the need to seek modification of the mortgage loan and go through indulgence , my credit has taken a hit and nasty quick . I was granted a 6-month reduction in the payment to help me not to be able to pay them all, but this is still being reported to the credit bureaus . I was able to make my first payment of the loan today and will be able to continue with that now that my husband is deployed and receive greater compensation . I would like to improve the score on the year . Is it a realistic goal ?

  • 10When you pay your credit cards down, how long does it take to get your credit score to increase?

    Im trying to qualify for help with paying for the State of California , so you can buy a house , my loan representative told me that I have to have a credit score of 620 , mine is 617, Currently I have 2 credit cards that are max out to a limit is 550 and the other is 750 , so I have a personal loan of 5419. so I was wondering if I pay my credit cards , and how much I have to pay for my credit score to increase? and how long before they reported to the credit bureaus ? Thanks for any suggestions .

  • 11Will debt consolidation increase my credit score? what are other options that will help increase my score?

    Is debt consolidation increase my credit score ? What are the other options that will help increase my score ?

  • 12How long will it take for my 551 Fico Score to increase to 700, on average?

    I'd like to hear from those who really know what they are talking about , not those who just write about anything just to score points .... I have a FICO score of 551 and the following : A student loan of about $ 3,300 bal , A new secured credit card limit of $ 200 with zero balance , a credit card limit of $ 100 to store zero balance A loan fee of $ 5,400 bal , Some late payments that go back to the last in Jan 2007, A credit card that was closed by limit of $ 200 ( closed by grantor) , A Bally Total Fitness ACCT was paid in full ( satisfactorally ) . Based on these facts how long will it take for my score to 700?