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Is jackson hewitt offering a holiday loan this year? related questions

  • 1Is jackson hewitt offering a holiday loan this year?

    I looked online but I can not find anything , so I'm thinking no.

  • 2Jackson Hewitt is doing the Holiday loan this year.What if you have bad credit?

    Jackson Hewitt is doing this year.What Holiday loan if you have bad credit ?

  • 3Jackson-Hewitt not offering fast refund loans?

    Anyone else hear that Jackson - Hewitt will not offer refund anticipation loans , where you can get money quickly , this year ? I have heard that banks have decided not to offer use . I heard H & R Block still have it . Any truth to this rumor?

  • 4I filed my taxes with Jackson Hewitt?

    They told me I should get my refund within 8 to 15 days. No claim back payday loans fast or anything , as they charge too much for that. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a refund ? What is the average amount of time? Has anyone else used your service and how long it takes to get yours without refund faster?

  • 5What are the qualifications to obtain a RAL from Jackson Hewitt?

    I know it's ridiculous to get a loan for my own money ... Please do not waste your time and explain the obvious . What is the minimum amount expected refund? Is it just based on credit , or is regarded as being insured through a refund ? What is the normal schedule , you can get it on the same day ? I talked to an agent today and he had no idea. its website discloses nothing . Real answers only please , thanks .

  • 6Do you get your money back faster at Jackson Hewitt or H?

    Do you get your money back faster in Jackson Hewitt or H & R Block? How do you qualify for loans to get your money back in one day ?

  • 7How long has it taken Jackson Hewitt to get you your refund? I hear one day to 10. .?

    How long has taken Jackson Hewitt get a refund ? Hear one day to 10. . ?

  • 8H&R block, Jackson Hewitt or free file online?

    I'm trying to figure out if I should I use Turbo Tax or go to a tax professional as H & R Block Jackson Hewitt etc. I'm presenting my statement from 2008 and 2009 but in 2008 only made ​​about $ 8,500 and in 2009 only makes about $ 5,400. Just tell me my 4 children and I want to know if it would be better for me to go to a transfer tax professional do it myself online ... I used Turbo Tax to do b4 my husband, but had to wait because they said it was a mistake, and I do not want to go through that file and get my refund OT ! I also know that one of my statements will be offset by a student loan for about a thousand dollars and I want to know what it takes to turn 08 or 09

  • 9Has anyone had their tax money deposited on their ipower card from Jackson Hewitt yet?

    I wonder if anyone has had their taxes already deposited in his Jackson Hewitt ipower card yet? It was a service provided using ( RAL ) Refund Anticipation Loan . If you are still waiting to put their money in RAL ipower card , or if you got your money ... I'd like to hear from you , thanks !

  • 10Does any one know of anyone offering an early holiday express type loan?

    I was eager to get an early tax loan as soon as possible for the holidays. Does anyone know of someone who still has something like this? Or something similar I can do for some extra cash for the holidays?

  • 11When will H&R Block start doing their Holiday Loans this year?

    We did one last year and received $ 500 and we were very pleased with the service. I know that last year began sometime in early December . Does anyone know the date or know when to find the time ? Thanks in advance .

  • 12Any student loan companies still offering to 2 year colleges?

    I called Chase today to renew my student loan and dropped my university. So did the Citibank . I'm in a bind here . The federal money is not available to me. Anyone know of any company that still offers student loans at a junior college ( community college edison ) ?