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Is First Choice Capital Resources a scam? related questions

  • 1Is First Choice Capital Resources a scam?

    I've been looking for a long term loan , specifically to hold me over until you get my tax refund to catch up . Unfortunately , thousands of dollars in credit card debt I have, which was a bit silly CFNA Firestone card that my credit score dropped by about 200 points and made me untouchable especially for unsecured loans. Anyway , I was trying to look good bad credit lenders , and almost all information sites as redirects you to the things that are dark , they apparently have no information anywhere else . Moving along , I found across a site that actually had some good information , and I thought it would be good. But , of course , have to enter the number of your checking account number / routing to advance to the current web page . Nothing found for this company at all, there are no reports of scam or something , and there is no good reviews or testimonials . I'd really like to try it , hopefully to prevent further damage to my credit and get back on my feet until more funds come in. .. Any information is appreciated. Thank you !

  • 2Could a pro choice organizations combine their resources and fund abortions separate from federal funding?

    All those people marching in the streets could throw in abortion services , does not it ? Perhaps we could establish a loan or something. $ 500 per person ?

  • 3Immigration and human capital related question? mutiple choice?

    1. Reduction in federalized subsidized student loans will: a) increase the supply of human capital. b) decrease the supply of human capital. c) reduce the demand for human capital d) increase the demand for human capital 2. Some economist have suggested that immigrants do the work that Americans will not do. What have other economist suggest as a solution to this problem? a) close the border b) pay higher wages for the work that Americans now will not do c) pay lower wage to everybody d) allow americans to work in other countries

  • 4Has anyone used the First Choice Lending Servies to get a loan? Is it a scam?

    I have recently been approved for a loan through First Choice loans . The rate and payment plan seems too good to be true ? Does anyone know anything about this company ?

  • 5Is western capital union a scam?

    I approved for a loan of 10,000 staff and now I'm having doubts. this is god to be true ?

  • 6Union state capital investments, a scam?

    State will give a secured loan , any opinions ?

  • 7Capital One personal this legit or a scam??

    Hello , I have an offer from Capital One for a personal loan with a fixed rate of 7.99 % over the life of the loan up to 30K . Has anyone taken a personal loan from Capital One ? This doen require collateral loan without prepayment costs and a low interest rate . This just sounds too good to be true . So , if anyone had experience with this company please chime in. Thanks !

  • 8Has anyone evr used American Capital Advance with sucess? Or is it a scam?

    I am attempting to get a small business loan but I want to make sure it is for real before I give all of my personal info.

  • 9Have you been a victim of Loan Modification Scam in California? Specifically by Choice Financial USA?

    Recently I have been scammed by a company that promised to help me in my hour of need . The company , with U.S. financial option , I promised a loan modification if I paid 1800.00 advance. I did pay the money , and now they are saying that I paid for a " forensic loan audit " , which incidentally is a scam in itself (for California Google search for " loanmod ) and I paid for something that was nothing more than a paper check my loan papers from the first time I bought the house . you can imagine that as a homeowner to lose his home he was very upset and my thought process was less than ideal because of it. I was easily fooled by a smart transmitter that people cons of life . the good news ? could save my house (thanks to NACA Google search for " Loans NACA " ) and now I'm doing I can to dispel myths about mortgage professionals calls offering loan modifications and Forensic loan Audits innocent people. Have you been disappointed ? I have curious if others out there have experienced the same thing with this company in San Ramon : U.S. Financial Choice Have they helped ? Maybe I 'm the only person who has been deceived and exploited by this group of people ? Your input is welcome and appreciated , J.Roman

  • 10Has anybody heard of Union State Capital Investments, for personal loans? Scam?

    Has anyone heard of the State Capital Investment of the Union for personal loans ? Scam ?

  • 11I lost money on a business scam, can I claim it as loss capital in my taxes?

    I invested some money in a company that made hard money loans . For my investment I received a note and a notarized contract , binding the company to make payments to me as payment for my investment . Unfortunately , the owner did not play cards and eventually tried to flee to Mexico with all our money , luckily was caught by the FBI and is serving a sentence for operating a system of ponzie . Since I have these documents ( but not value ) , I can claim ? Invested money as a business loss ? and if so , how much I can claim ? 50 %?

  • 12Has anyone had Capital Loan Network Scam remove money from their bank account?

    I was duped into falling for a scam , well, almost . I searched through the costs of cash advances that led to calls from several companies multile . You made ​​me believe that I had a loan affordable for me , I gave them my information , like a complete idiot , and then realized it was a scam and did not send them money as they wanted . but they have my information , I was wondering if anyone else had fallen into this and sufferred but shame :) I'll just change my bank if I have to protect myself !