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Principal loan payment vs regular loan payment.? related questions

  • 1Principal loan payment vs regular loan payment.?

    I have a simple interest car loan . What is the difference between a regular loan payment and principal repayment of the loan ? I made my first car loan payment of $ 2,500 and currently has a 6.9% stake . I must have made that payment as a principal loan payment ? I have another $ 1,500 that I would pay . What payment method should I pay for ? Why principal payments to be made by check rather than online paid regularly ?

  • 2Should I make a standard payment or principal payment on my car loan?

    I have about 14k left to pay on a car loan with an interest rate of 3 percent. Can anyone help explain the following topics in a more easily understood. Is it better to make a car payment standard, or to make a car payment principal. Here's more information : Payments Standard: Total Amount Due : $ 208.38 Other amount : $. * Applies to both principal and interest * Pay more than the standard monthly payment can reduce the amount due on your next bill. * To pay your account, enter the payment amount previously estimated. Payment of Capital: Principal amount : $. * Only applies to the principal balance * Make a payment of capital does not reduce the amount due on your future bills * Can not be done if the payment is overdue Never had anything in arrears. Thank you for your help.

  • 3Installment payment and % of principal on 3rd payment on the loan?

    A company has contracted a loan in installments of 1 year of $ 1,000.000 . The monthly loan payments will be $ 8,978 due at the end of each month . What percentage of the monthly third will go towards repayment of principal ?

  • 4Why is it that when I send extra on my car payment, my payment gets lowered instead of the principal???

    It seems that the extra money to pay my car payment each month reduces the payment instead of the main ? Why does this happen? Is it a good thing or a bad thing. Does payment remain down until the end of the loan term ? TIA

  • 5Are higher weekly payments better than one monthly payment with an additional principal only payment monthly?

    Our home equity loan at 7.5 % interest currently paid $ 175 a week . The current payment is $ 526 per month, so we are paying an extra $ 174 per month ( more in the months with 5 weeks in them ) would be better than paying the $ 526 per month and an additional payment that applies only to the capital ? Does that will save more interest ?

  • 6How can get the most out of the extra payment towards a principal on a car loan?

    I have a car loan with a loan term of 84 months! (please do not ask why ;) I'm making the regular monthly , 1 to 15. I am also paying extra for director in the 1st month . My question is, is there any difference if ever the month I'm doing the extra payment ? Thanks for your help

  • 7My bank will not tell us our principal payment on a home equiety loan.who would regulate this?

    Sharon Bank will not tell us the monthly prinicipal and interest of our equity loan . What government agency regulate this? We talked to them and they give us no information about where the money is applied .

  • 8Can i make payments on the principal if my direct loan is in reduced payment forbearance?

    if my direct loan forbearance is reduced and I pay very large , the excess amount will be - what is left after that is paid accrued interest - will be applied to the principal balance ?

  • 9In most loan amortization statements from banks, why is the principal payment not increasing as the time goes?

    If you generate an amortization schedule for any of the websites only seen that over time the interest continues to decline and the principal continues to grow . However, in real scenarios , upon receiving the payment schedule from your bank, more often than not , that 's not the case . The main part of your payment is not ' always goes up and the interest is not always going down. Why is that?

  • 10Minimum payment goes up because I made extra payments to principal on education loan?

    When I started making my loan payments education my minimum payment was about $ 130 a month . I increased my payment of $ 150 so he could pay faster . The extra automatically goes toward principal . Now I have changed my budget plan and started putting the extra money that I have a different payment . When I called the loan service center to make this change , I was told my old minimum payment no longer applies and actually went a bit . He said that was because he was less than in my loan payment affected my . I thought it was my decision to control the additional amount was spent on capital and would never rise my minimum balance . I do not refinance. From my minimum payment is going as the lender is trying to regain the interest he would have earned if he had not put additional capital. Is this legal ?

  • 11Projected cash flow statement, is a loan payment principal an expense?

    It's on a sheet cash flow statement this number is added to the bottom line cash on hand rather than reduce it. I have a section of interest on loans under the catigory spending.

  • 12New Home-buyer: Should I pay more towards my mortgage or just the regular payment?

    My wife and I are about to close on our first house , and wondering what the best thing to do will be at the amount we pay for our mortgage . We're just taking a loan of $ 150,000, even though our annual income is around $ 85,000 per year , so we have plenty of room to make double payments on the part of our mortgage payments each month . If we were thinking about living the rest of our lives in this house , I would make large payments at least for the first couple of years to break down how much we are paying in interest , but we know it is likely to leave in about 5 years . Is it better to make regular payments , and we expect the market will come back and see us in good shape on the road , or have to pay more now to maximize our profits when we sell in five years ? We max out the company deposits coincide with my retirement plan , but I have other investments at this time (I'm only 25 years old) , so I can not really think of any other place to put the extra money besides just saving. Another thing to consider is that we plan to have another child in two years , at which point my wife stays at home. My income will be around $ 55,000 per year at that time and will be the only family income , yet enough to pay extra, but not double .