Loan Questions

I am in desperate need of a loan but have very bad credit. Can anyone help me? related questions

  • 1I am in desperate need of a loan but have very bad credit. Can anyone help me?

    I was a nursing assistant and was making good money . Unfortunately , I became very ill and lost my job . Now I'm about to have my car repossessed , my bills are behind , and I'm almost ready to give up on life . PLEASE HELP ME .

  • 2Desperate for a loan, but I don't have any credit. Anyone have any suggestions?

    In mid-October I found out my truck would not last a month . On Oct. 20 , they said they had to move. My husband was home on leave from Iraq in two weeks . so I borrowed money from family to cover the security deposit and make sure we had a bit of money to spend while he was home. I gave my truck to someone who had a jeep for me , and gave me a few hundred off the price . was narrow , but well until the day I took my husband to the airport to return to Iraq . The jeep I just bought overheated and now needs a new engine . I have no one to borrow money , and my husband tried to get a loan with military loans pioneer , and got approved for 1030, but not enough. it costs 1600 to get the jeep fixed . We have no credit . Not even have a credit score . I have to find a lender who is willing to work with people with no credit . Does anyone have any suggestions ? I'm desperate .

  • 3Can anybody tell me where to go to get a loan with very bad credit,(foreclosure). I am desperate!!!!?

    My house was repossessed in June and people who have been working to try to offer me save my home , but nothing is working . Actually I have no where to go , I have no one to ask for help . If it were not for my children I give up and let it all go . I am desperate and very embarrassed and scared all the time . Does anyone have any suggestions .

  • 4S it possible to get a car loan with no cosigner, no credit, and no money.. in desperate need of a car. bad!!!?

    S You can get a car loan without collateral , no credit, no money .. in desperate need of a car . bad! ?

  • 5I'm currently upside down in my car loan but in desperate need of a better vehicle but have bad credit?

    I am currently upside down on my car loan, but in desperate need of a better vehicle , but have bad credit ?

  • 6Terrible credit, desperate need of car loan, any ideas?

    What are some real ways for people with bad credit for car loans

  • 7Im In Desperate need of 2500 i have bad credit due to my parents WHERE CAN I GET A LOAN can somebody help?

    I live in Atlanta GA and I'm working in my own life I have to transport decent 2500 for my last car the engine locked and I can not afford to put 1800 in a 95 honda accord, im running out of options and is very desperately need help


    I have a capital of a credit card that was charged -off in bad my credit card about 2 years , I also financed a vehicle used for the first time on my own and I was sold a lemon. The car broke down in the middle of the road after only two months and when I took him to their manufacture was told the car had been sitting under water for months and could not be fixed, a car was totaled . So I took the car back to the dealership myself ... but you know , of course , still expected to pay for it and I mess. 2 years ago . Now I really want to get a loan of about 13,000 to buy a new car and I have to cover the rent, but a credit score of 500 has been repeatedly denied me everywhere. What I can do except to wait seven years? ?

  • 9Does anyone know of a place to get about $1,000 loan easily w/ bad credit! I'm desperate!!?

    I can not really explain all the details , but I need $ 1000 FAST ! I can not do one of those cash advance places because they want the full amount due on your next payday . I need a place where I can pay like $ 50 a month . Any idea ?

  • 10I am in desperate need of a loan and I have horrible credit in the boston area?

    I'm interested in getting a loan to pay the debt that I find myself sinking into . The problem is that I have horrible credit . I do not want to worsen . I have a great job , but recently hit me in the stomach with a large expense that threw me for a loop . I would like to consolidate my credit cards and have one payment , that I could handle. Does anyone know of a site LEGITE or offer any idea what I can do ?

  • 11I need a small loan for a car and dont have good credit.. im in desperate need?

    Okay so I do not need much as 4 grand enough to get a vehicle ... I am a single mother .. I have a job and can afford monthly payments as 150 (I know it is not much) , my mother died and I never knew my dad so I have no family to cosign and kinda sucks cuz im in desperate need so not lose my job because my car took a shit ... and I do not want to go buy a $ 300 car because of security problems I have with driving with my son .. if anyone has any ideas let me know PLLLEAASE

  • 12I'm desperate to get a bad credit/personal loan, can any help with ideas and/or suggestions?

    I feel so stupid to get into this, but I have 3 payday loans were outstanding and I have to pay but I have a huge bill that is going to have to pay for this Friday , but I have bad credit and I am seriously looking for a company that would be willing to lend to me. I can pay all three of these payday loans then you certainly can afford a legit company , but I've tried HFC , beneficial and Citibank and was rejected . Can anyone help me please? ! ? ! I'm desperate , I've also registered on for help, but do not think that will come in good time . My husband and I are trying to pay these off , we have a son of 1 year old and another on the way - any suggestions ? ! ? ! Thanks for listening !