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QCan I use husbands income on my auto loan for my name?(stay at home wife)?

We are buying a house in five months and the mortgage company STRESSED not add any debt to ourselves , because, obviously , is subtracted from the loan amount you can afford. So here's the background :

* We currently have a car payment of $ 400 / m , but what was your moms nt pay more , so still in its hename notnot , so there basicaldoesn'tsnt for lenders .
* I am a stay at home Wiand hedhe the support of
* We rent today , which is our only debt ( I'm not on the lease before Christ at that time I was over 21 and the rental company considered myself an " occupier " )
I want this car in my name aka my credit , because I know for a fact that will not be used in the home buying process (credit wise ) and not bring any benefits , ie income lol . Ifigure this way from your car paid off next month I would simply replace our current car note , without reducing the amount of my mortgage. My mother - in-law did with her ​​husband before Christ is also a SAHM but that was a few years ago .

Any adivce ? ? ? ?
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#1tiaAnswered at 2013-04-16 07:50:57
Banks are required by law to review both spouses ' credit reports , even if only one spouse is signing up for the loan. Your plan will not work . The word fraud comes to mind with their thinking . Banks do not take kindly to this.
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Can I use husbands income on my auto loan for my name?(stay at home wife)?

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